We provide high-quality
iSeries & AS/400 products and services that can help organisations work more efficiently.

NYCO specialises in iSeries & AS/400 Technical Consultancy and develops tailor-made software and hardware for customers using the IBM iSeries & AS/400.
NEMS/400 is a hardware problem message monitoring and reporting tool, for the IBM iSeries & AS/400. Primarily designed for the independent hardware maintenance market, NEMS/400 can however be utilised by any user as an addition to their existing cover. NEMS/400 has two main components: the PMC (Problem Management Centre) and the Client Module. The Client module comes in two flavours, i.e. standalone or network system.
MESSENGER/400 is a message monitoring and texting/paging/e-mail tool, which has been developed by NYCO Ltd. The product has been in the market since 1991, and enjoyed great success. MESSENGER/400 allows you to send system, application and manually generated messages to a mobile phone, pager or e-mail.
TEXTA/400 is in essence a 'mini messenger'. Designed to fit into the business running a restricted budget, TEXTA/400 will allow you to monitor one message queue and have those messages sent to a single or multiple mobile phones and/or pagers and/or e-mails. Obviously not every message is required so a limited degree of message filtration via severity levels has been introduced.
We provide operating system support services through NYCO Solutions. We currently support IBM iSeries, AS/400 and AIX and Linux platforms. NYCO Solutions can efficiently troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve operating system failures through 24x7 siftware technical support. NYCO Solutions will also confirm overall health and functionality of systems through routine, scheduled system checks and provide analysis feedback as required.
We provide remote management of IBM iSeries machines housed locally within organisations. We respond to operations-level events and logs and work with defined protocols agreed with customers. This service enables continuous monitoring and quick response and actions to events.
◼ Remote Monitoring
◼ Remote Administration
The System Health Check results in a report outlining what has been found and actions that need to be taken, both as a suggestion and as "highly advisable".
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◼ Active Subsystems & Jobs
◼ Scheduled Job Entries
◼ Spool Files
◼ Job Queues
◼ Device Status
◼ Housekeeping
◼ Problem Log
◼ Backups
◼ System Usage
◼ Storage
◼ Program Temporary Fixes
SQL database services to suit customers meeting their needs facilitating optimization of databases and configurations to suit the organisation's operations. Database Administration services are offered for DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres and SQL Server
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◼ Migration Services
◼ Performance Tuning
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